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Welcome to FederalPvP's rules page!

Here are the expectations which are in place for all members of the FederalPvP community. The rules will be updated once a rule been changed so everyone knows what is allowed/disallowed.? Failure to follow the rules listed below will result in the Punishments listed below. If you want to know the other Rules for the FederalPvP Network, you can find ALL other Rules pages at the bottom.

Warnable Offences:
• No Disrespect/Racism/Bullying/Harassment
• No Spamming Characters/Messages/Emotes - Don't spam messages, characters, bot commands, emotes, etc
• No Inappropriate Emotes/Nicknames - This goes for those that have Permission to use these features
• Do not attempt to start/cause Spam - This results in a more severe punishment than just Spamming
• All conversations in public chat channels must be in english, this is to enable all staff/players to understand what is being said
• Do not post Inappropriate Messages
• Do not attempt to Impersonate other Players
• Do not ask for others to be Unbanned from Discord, In-game or Forums
• Wasting staff time - Either through false reports, or fake support rooms
• Do not tag Sr Admins or Above - If you need them, please wait in the Support Room for assistance.

Any Warnable Offences will follow the Punishments below:
#1 Discord warning (No Expiry)
#2 1 Hour Discord mute
#3 1 Day Temporary Discord Ban Note: These offences restart after the temporary ban. In cases of excessive rule violations, managers can give extended punishments
Temporary Bannable Offences:
• No Death Threats  - Even if intended as a "Joke", they are disallowed (This Rule skips Punishment #1 below)
• No IRL Trading  - Any trading for out of game currencies (PayPal, CS:GO/Steam Items, Ranks, etc)
• Impersonating Staff Members
• Use of Soundboards/Screamers/Similar in voice chats
• Collecting 5+ Discord Warnings

Any Temporary Bannable Offences will follow the Punishments below:
#1 7 day Temporary Discord Ban
#2 14 day Temporary Discord Ban (More severe cases will skip #1)
#3 Permanent Discord Ban
Note: In cases of excessive rule violations, Managers can give extended punishments.
Permanent Bannable Offences:
• No Advertising Websites/Servers  - Please note that Shortened URLs are also not allowed. 
• No Invitation of Unauthorized Bots - Regardless of the Bots Function, they are not allowed to be added
• No Malicious/Inappropriate URLs
• No DDoS/Dox/Swat Threats  - Even if intended as a "Joke", they are disallowed

Any Permanent Bannable Offences will follow the Punishments below:
#1 Permanent Discord Ban
Note: If a Rule that results in a Blacklist is broken, it will result in Ingame Punishments as well. This will also occur if Bannable Offences are done multiple times.